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This thumb piano has seven metal keys or tines set onto a beautifully hand carved piano board. This is then attached to a coconut half shell which acts as a resonating chamber. As the player strikes a tine with their thumb the vibration produced in turn causes the tine's neighbours to vibrate resulting in a wonderfully complex set of tones. The tines can also be tuned by loosening the screws and changing the length of the metal. Traditionally, African players tended to use their own idiosyncratic scales but because of the versatility of this item, players can easily tune their piano to a standard western scale or make their own! This is a natural product and its size and shape will vary slightly giving each instrument its own unique and charming sound.


Approx: 20cm ∅

Seven Tines

Limited selection back in stock.

Origin: Indonesia

Gourd Fair Trade Kalimba

VAT Included