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Repairs & Servicing

We offer a variety of services available both in store and off site with our skilled and trusted technicians. In store we are able to restring your instruments and carry out minor repairs, but larger repairs or full servicing will be done off site.
Our services have a fast turn around and at a great price.

Just call or pop in store and we will see to you.


Guitar & Stringed Instruments

It will normally take our team around an hour to make sure your instrument is restrung, cleaned up and tuned properly. When it is ready to go it will be sounding as well as looking fresh and sharp.

For full set ups, our skilled technicians offsite will make sure your guitar plays smoothly and looks as fresh as it would be out of the factory.

Brass & Woodwind

Our skilled offsite technicians have had years repairing and servicing brass and woodwind instruments, so you know yours are in safe and secure hands. 
From general servicing to pad and key work, we will make sure your instrument is up and running as it should be from out of the factory.

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