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The Trevor James Alphasax Outfit (Gold Laquer) is a unique saxophone designed for the younger and smaller player! - Winner of the 2014 UK Music Industry Association award for Best Woodwind & Brass Instrument.

The Alphasax is based around the original body tube of the TJ alto saxophone with completely redesigned mechanism and tone hole positioning for the smaller individual who would previously have been told to wait until they got bigger before they could learn to play the sax.

Problematic keys with long finger stretch have been removed or redesigned for extra comfort.
The weight has been reduced by an amazing 33%.

The Alphasax in the key of Eb, with a full two octave chromatic facility using established finger positioning to enable the smaller player to learn the alto saxophone using current study books. New and innovative mechanism has enabled us to maintain the finger positioning of a normal saxophone.

The left hand palm keys for top D#, E and F have been removed.
The top D key has been adjusted to fit small hands.
The low B & Bb keys have been removed.
Redesigned G# and low C# keys are now easier to reach.
The right hand side F# keys and side C key have been removed.
Redesigned low D# and C keys are now easier to reach.
The Alphasax retains a fully chromatic range from low C to high D.
Bb bis and side Bb keys are retained.

At only 1.86kg in weight the revolutionary Alphasax saxophone is 33% lighter than the traditional alto saxophone.

A lightweight (1.48kg) moulded case with backpack straps is included along with a harness strap, mouthpiece, cap, single screw ligature and reed. The Alphasax is an incredible 3.34kg in its carry case (compared to the usual 4.9kg + for the TJ Classic alto saxophone). A stunning 44% lighter!

How does it Feel & Sound?

• Omitted keys (LH palm keys for Top D#, E and F / low B & Bb keys / RH side F# keys & side C key) sit at the boundaries of the instruments range and aren’t generally essential until later learning stages – The Alphasax sounds and feels just like a standard saxophone.
• Weighing 33% less than conventional Alto horns, this sax feels extremely light and is therefore an ideal choice for younger and smaller framed players.
• Features high-quality Pisoni pads with metal reflectors for a reliable seal that delivers excellent note intonation.
• The Alphasax sounds well-balanced and delivers a strong tone across the full chromatic scale from low C to high D.

Trevor James Alphasax Alto Saxophone Eb Outfit

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