A sonic echo of days gone by. With sound, playability, and style that belies the price tag. The Tanglewood TWBBO Blackbird Folk Acoustic is perfect for honing your skills and mastering your persona. And thanks to a classic all-mahogany build, you receive an authentic tone with an instantly recognisable sonic nature.

On a strict budget? Crave quality you can develop your style with? This is it. With unbelievable value, and a meticulous Tanglewood design. This TWBBO Blackbird is perfect for any player looking for that old-school warmth and classic acoustic voice, combined. Delivering sparkle, warmth, and resonance in abundance. It's also superbly responsive to a multitude of techniques. Whether you want to become a blues king or queen, try out slide, or get deep into roots music, the Blackbird is perfect for all kinds of sonic experimentation.

It's time to explore comfort you can depend on, classic acoustic tone, and style that'll stand out from the rest. A classic hourglass. The Tanglewood TWBBO Blackbird is shallower and narrower than a dreadnought, but beefier than a dinky parlour. Perfect for holding close to your body, and popping on your lap, the Blackbird offers the ultimate balance between playability and comfort. The orchestra shape has also been seen in the hands of the legendary Eric Clapton, and as you know, it doesn't shy away from heavier strumming and more alternative techniques too. A responsive, punchy sonic nature with sparkling highs and a renowned Tanglewood feel - you won't be disappointed.

Body & Bridge

  • Top Material: Hand Selected Mahogany
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Body Type: Orchestra
  • Bridge Material: Techwood
  • Body Finish: Satin
  • Colour: Smokestack Black

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Thickness First Fret: 21 mm
  • Neck Thickness Tenth Fret: 23 mm
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • Fingerboard Material: Techwood
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Dot
  • Number of Frets: 20
  • Scale Length: 650 mm
  • Nut Material: 43 mm

Tanglewood TWBB-O Blackbird Series, Orchestra Body

VAT Included