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The Paiste PST 3 crash Ride is a perfect addition to any drummer’s cymbal collection. This affordable Brass alloy cymbal can be applied to a large range of music genres. So, whether you’re playing pop one day and funk the next the PST 3 crash ride is guaranteed be a handy tool to have. Complete with multipurpose features this crash can also be utilised as a ride, thanks to the Medium-long Sustain created by the cymbal and medium heavy weight.


The PST 3 crash ride is constructed from brass alloy giving the cymbal a dark, full focused and balanced tone. Whilst also creating a narrow frequency range with a clean sound. Ideal for live performances this cymbal completely delivers on quality and value, whilst providing high-level sounds associated with more expensive ranges. No matter where you are in your drumming journey this paiste crash ride is a drummer’s essential.

  • Diameter: 18''
  • Alloy: Brass
  • Weight: Medium-Heavy
  • Volume: Soft-Loud
  • Intensity: Lively
  • Sustain: Medium-Long

Paiste PST 3 18" Crash Ride Cymbal

VAT Included