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The Orange Micro Terror Head is fearsome sonics wrapped up in a tiny box. Boasting the same style and quality engineering of its bigger cousins, the Micro Terror can bring you crunch and punch wherever you are. Its small size makes it so much lighter and easier to transport than a traditional valve head, so you can bring the noise anywhere.

And it will be noisy, because with up to 20 Watts of output, you'll be able to push out a wall of sound from any cabinet. Speaking of cabinets, pair the Micro Terror with its dedicated cabinet for a short-stuff stack that can compete at gigs. Even better, not only will it be loud for its size, but you'll also access those smooth tube tones courtesy of its 12AX7 pre-amp valve. You've found your new travel stack.

With only three dials to work with, it's so easy to roll in the sound you want. Crank the controls for heavy, distortion laden metal or crunchy classic rock. Ease off the gain to delve into fuzzy, bluesy Hendrix style textures. Or remove it completely to reveal a shimmering clean sound that's excellent for rhythm or melodic work. It may be small, but it certainly doesn't lack for sonic options!

Experience the verve of valve amplification. With a single 12AX7 pre-amp tube and 20 Watts RMS output, the Micro Terror has all the smooth, authentic tube tones that guitarists crave. And it's all housed in the robust casing that Orange is known for, so you can be confident the Micro Terror will survive countless rowdy sets.

And though it has a dedicated cabinet to pair with, you can attach it to any cab with 40 Ohm or greater handling (even a 4x12!) so you'll be ready to rock wherever you take this. For those times you don't have a cab, the headphone out has you covered for some silent practice. Last, but not least, an Aux input lets you jam along to your favourite tracks or just listen to the beat.

  • Controls: Volume, Tone; Gain
  • Output: 20 watts
  • Valves:
    • Preamp: 1 x ECC83/12AX 7
    • Power amp: Transistor
  • Speaker Out: 1 x 4 ohm minimum
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 16.5cm
    • Height: 13.5cm
    • Depth: 9.2cm
  • Other Features: Single channel hybrid, valve preamp with solid state power amp. Auxiliary input for MP3 or CD.

Orange Micro Terror Head

VAT Included
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