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Evolving from the popular Mod Core Deluxe pedal, this mkII version has new effect models, signal routing options and editing features. A choice of 8 modulation models range from chorus to phasing and vibrato, with Rate and Depth controls and an additional Tweak control to adjust a third parameter specific to each effect and a further Blend adjustment in Alt mode. Rate can also be adjusted using a Tap Tempo function of the main footswitch. Mod Core Deluxe mkII has routing options for mono out, stereo out or mono with send/return loop. When using the loop, there are 3 routing options for pre, parallel and post effect placement. If you have space for just one mod effect on your board, the Mod Core Deluxe mkII offers a choice of 8 high quality pedals in a single compact stomp box format.

  • 8 distinct modulation effect models
  • Analog dry signal path for low noise and zero latency
  • Mono or stereo output
  • Built-in send-return loop
  • 4 paramter control for effect settings
  • USB-C for firmware updates

NUX Mod Core Deluxe MKII

VAT Included
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