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The Electro Harmonix Bass Preacher Bass Compressor Sustainer allows you to take full advantage of your bass guitar's dynamic range, providing you with booming low frequencies. Combining the compression and sustain and also featuring full controls, you can effortlessly alter your instrument's sound, subtly transforming its dynamic ability, or alternatively turning them up to the extreme. Altering the attack allows you to decide how quickly the effect acts. With a pedal so dynamic you will soon be preaching its praises to everyone.

The Bass Preacher acts simultaneously as a sustain pedal, providing each pluck with enough resonance to ring through the mix. The length of the sustain can easily be adjusted allowing you to either have the notes ring for just a little bit longer or alternatively dial them up to keep them rocking the full track through. Your punchy bass will soon be sounding beautiful with extended booming bliss.

  • Height: 2.1'' (53 mm)
  • Width: 2.75'' (69 mm)
  • Length: 4.5'' (114 mm)
  • Recommended Power Supply: EHX9.6DC-200mA or 9V Battery
  • Signal Type: True Bypass
  • Maximum Gain Reduction: 21 dB
  • Input Sensitivity: -10 dBu to +2 dBu
  • Controls: Volume, Sustain, Attack

Electro Harmonix Bass Preacher, Compressor

VAT Included
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