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The musician's must-have. This Dunlop Maintenance Tools Action Gauge brings precision, and efficiency to your setup needs. It's a compact, yet essential piece of kit that's easy to take wherever you play. With an easy-to-use tool, even greater playability is just around the corner...


The Dunlop Maintenance Tool features both metric and standard measurements, providing an easy-reading experience. Perfect for adjusting your string action, it’s easy enough to find the preferred height for your playing style. In addition, once you’ve set, and measured your string height; you can use this Dunlop Action Gauge to make precise truss rod adjustments too. Plus, you can even use it to set the height of your pickups. This enhances, and optimises your tone while reducing the magnetic string drag. A handy Dunlop Tool that's perfect for use on any stringed instrument with adjustable action.

Dunlop String Action Gauge

VAT Included