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The Cort Earth L60M Mahogany Open Pore is a beautifully designed acoustic guitar that combines exquisite craftsmanship with top-notch materials to deliver an exceptional playing experience. With its orchestra-shaped body crafted from solid mahogany, the L60M offers warm and resonant tones that are perfect for both fingerstyle players and strummers alike. The natural finish, open pore design, and laurel/merbau bridge further enhance the guitar's organic beauty, making it a visually stunning instrument that is sure to catch the eye of any onlooker.


In addition to its striking appearance, the Earth L60M boasts a comfortable and easy-to-play neck with a dovetail joint construction. What's more, the satin-finished neck, 25.5" scale length, and laurel/merbau fingerboard adorned with twenty frets and white dot inlays provide a smooth and enjoyable playing experience for guitarists of all levels. Glide from fret to fret gracefully and play every note with precision. High-quality hardware, such as black binding, die-cast tuners, a tortoise pickguard, and black/cream ABS rosette, completes the package, ensuring that the Earth L60M not only looks great but also performs reliably for years to come.

Exceptional playability is a key characteristic of the Earth L60M, which can be credited to several carefully designed features. The comfortable mahogany neck, featuring a dovetail joint construction, ensures stability and durability while facilitating seamless neck-to-body energy transfer for optimal resonance. A satin finish on the neck provides a smooth and silky feel, allowing your hand to glide effortlessly up and down, reducing friction, and enhancing playing comfort. This combination of design elements results in a neck that accommodates various hand sizes and playing styles.


The 25.5" scale length and laurel/merbau fingerboard, complete with twenty frets and white dot inlays, also contribute significantly to the playability. This scale length strikes a perfect balance between tension and ease of play, delivering a responsive touch that facilitates precise articulation and expressive dynamics. Additionally, the hardwood material ensures a smooth and consistent feel under the fingers, while the carefully designed fret spacing enables accurate intonation and effortless chord transitions. Working in harmony, these elements create an instrument that is not only enjoyable to play but also inspires creativity and musical exploration.

Body and Bridge

  • Top Material: Solid Mahogany
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Shape: Orchestra
  • Colour: Natural
  • Finish: Open Pore
  • Bridge: Laurel/Merbau

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Neck Construction: Dovetail Joint
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Fingerboard Material: Laurel/Merbau
  • Frets: 20
  • Inlays: White Dot
  • Nut Width: 45mm


  • Binding: Black
  • Tuners: Die-Cast
  • Pickguard: Tortoise
  • Rosette: Black/Cream ABS
  • Strings: Coated

Cort L60M, Mahogany Open Pore Solid Top

VAT Included
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