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The Blackstar Debut 50R 50W 1x12 combo amp is here to transform your sound. Its circuitry is completely analogue, with a discrete MOSFET preamp - you'll get that warm, organic sound that makes riffs come alive. It's a sound that's similar to valve tone but without the insane weight! And with 50W of power, you'll be able to be loud, with more than enough volume for the stage. However, the built-in attenuator lets you dial this down to 5W for easy bedroom practice!


Dial in your dream sound. This amp was designed to go really well with pedals. But you can get plenty of outstanding tones from it as it is. Aside from the valve-like circuitry, there's also a responsive three-band EQ, as well as a clean and overdrive channel for switching between rocking riffs and shimmering cleans. And with a button for changing between Plate and Hall reverb modes, you can also add plenty of space to your music through two very different reverb types. Finally, Blackstar's unique, much-loved ISF dial helps you select between British grit and American crunch. Perfect for beginners and experienced players alike!

It may be old technology, but it's loved by modern musicians. And for good reason! MOSFET circuitry gives this amp is warmth and depth, helping make your riffs sound massive through the 12" speaker. You'll have tonnes of power at your back, but also be able to practice in your bedroom. So, you'll have that old school thump that's synonymous with classic amps, whilst the ISF dial changes between a British and American voicing - or a blend of the two. And using the three-band EQ, you can control your bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, helping to carve out your own sound with ease.

There's nothing to stop you learning! With a dedicated line input for connecting your music and playing it through the amp or your headphones, you can easily jam along to your favourite tracks. There's also a speaker-emulated line out, which allows you to practise silently or record with a genuine speaker cab tone. Then there's the FX loop for hooking all your favourite pedals up after the preamp stage.

  • Model Name: Blackstar Debut 50R 50w 1x12 Combo Amp
  • Circuitry: MOSFET
  • Power: 50W (can be changed to 5W)
  • Controls: Clean Vol, Clean/Bright Button, OD Button, Overdrive Volume, Gain, Three-Band EQ, ISF, Plate/Hall Button, Reverb, Power
  • Rear Panel: Line Out/ Phones Emulated Output, Series Effects Loop, Footswitch Input, Line In, Mains In

Blackstar Debut 50R, 50w 1x12 Combo

VAT Included