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The Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 Amp is here to make any singer/songwriter perform like a pro. Whether you're streaming to your fans on social media, stunning audiences at an open mic night, or just having a jam in the bedroom, the Acoustic CORE 30 can do it all. Equipped with TRRS streaming capabilities, the CORE 30 lets you play over the web in crystal-clear detail and stunning fidelity.


And for those times you're playing live, the super wide stereo technology with enhanced and vocal controls provides a crisp, articulate reproduction of your natural acoustic tone. And for the ultimate convenience, an XLR out lets you connect to a venue's PA system without any hassle. Complete with built-in effects, three channels and USB recording, it couldn't be easier to play, write and perform with the Acoustic CORE 30.

Displaying a sonorous projection despite its compact size, the Acoustic Core 30 can make you heard in any situation. That’s thanks to its dual 5” speakers and Super Wide Stereo technology that provide a dynamic, spatial audio. To help that along, there’s a built-in stand so you can get optimal projection regardless of where the amp is placed.

Blackstar are looking to the modern age of music. No longer restricted to performing in the flesh, you can now broadcast your playing far and wide over the internet, and the Acoustic CORE 30 lets you do it with stunning detail. Equipped with TRRS streaming capability, it takes all the hassle out of casting your sound. Simply attach a standard TRRS cable from the amp to your device, and the CORE 30 will be auto recognised as the audio source, allowing you to treat your audience to nothing but the best sonics.

  • Wattage: 30w
  • Instrument Channel: Yes
  • Mic/Line Channel: Yes
  • Eq Instrument Channel: Low / High
  • Eq Mic/Line Channel: Low, Mid, High
  • Instrument Enhance: Yes
  • Vocal Clarity: Yes
  • Super Wide Stereo: Yes
  • Xlr D.I. Output: Yes
  • Phase Feedback Suppression: Yes
  • Line Out / Headphones: Yes
  • Line-In: Yes
  • Trrs Streaming: Yes
  • Usb Audio: Yes
  • Footswitch: Fs-18 (Inst. Ch. Chorus On/Off, Global Reverb Effect On/Off)
  • Tilt-Stand: Yes - Inbuilt
  • Pa Stand Mountable: Yes (With Optional Sa-2 Adaptor)
  • Speakers: 2x 5"
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Dimensions: 375(W) X 292(H) X 185(D) mm

Blackstar Acoustic Core 30

VAT Included