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  • The Italian string manufacturer Aquila attaches great importance to tradition, but at the same time it develops its own materials, which offer advantages in everyday use.

    New Nylgut® strings are characterized by a fast response, excellent timbre and remarkable intonation stability.

    TThe new synthetic material New Nylgut® has the same acoustic properties as natural gut, but without its typical disadvantages (high cost, limited durability or high instability due to climatic variations). New Nylgut enables you to rediscover the traditional sound of the 19th and 20th centuries, but with the advantages of modern times. Nylgut guarantees excellent tuning stability compared to traditional nylon and gut strings.


    - 1 String Set 10U New Nuylgut® Tenor Ukuele

    - Tuning: Regular GCEA)

    - New Nylgut®: Clear artificial gut

Aquila Ukulele Strings - Tenor

VAT Included