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All over the world. Discover a wide range of genres, styles, and sounds from all cultures and continents, with the Lee Oskar Harmonica, tuned in Major Diatonic C. Most commonly used to play Blues, Country, Folk, and Jazz. The legendary mouth harp has maintained a reputation of outstanding quality.


Designed with air-tight precision. The Lee Oskar Harmonica is made to produce the most robust sounds. Taking the stage with the distinctive harp riffs featured in top of the charts, classic hits. From 'Cisco Kid' and 'Low Rider', to the pioneer funk/jazz group WAR, Lee Oskar's Major Diatonic Harmonica has dominated the Blues, Jazz, and Folk scenes.


  • Bright and robust sound with air-tight precision
  • Play any genre or style of music with Lee Oskar
  • Stainless steel covers with genuine Lee Oskar stamp
  • S10-Hole Harmonica tuned to the key of Major Diatonic

Lee Oskar 1910 Harmonica - Various Keys

VAT Included