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Compact but powerful. The Electro Harmonix The Silencer Noise Gate & Effects Loop is a must-have for any guitarist or bassist's pedal board, regardless of their style or genre. The inclusion of threshold, reduction, and release settings allow you to determine the perfect gate for your signal. This ensures the pedal only reacts when you want it to react. Without having to compromise or sacrifice that all important tone!

Incredibly versatile. The Silencer can also be used to eradicate any imperfections such as hum and buzz that can be introduced via other pedals in the signal chain. Thanks to its robust build, the pedal is just as comfortable on the road as it is in the studio, allowing it to withstand the vigors of live performance. Whilst still delivering consistent, reliable results. Take your tone above and beyond today!


  • Compact Noise Gate / Effects Loop Pedal
  • Release, Threshold and Reduction Controls
  • Inline Gate or Entire Effects Loop Gate
  • Delivers Up To -70dB of Noise Reduction
  • Variable 8ms to 4000ms Release Time
  • Buffered Bypass
  • Robust and Compact Design
  • Powered by 9V Battery (Included) or External Power Supply (Sold Separately)


  • Inputs: 2 x 1/4" Jack
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" Jack
  • Pedal Type: Noise Gate / Effects Loop
  • Signal Reduction Range: -70 to +4 dB
  • Release Time: 8 - 4000 ms
  • Controls: Release, Reduction, Threshold
  • Bypass Type: Buffered
  • Housing: Metal

Electro Harmonix The Silencer, Noisegate & Effects Loop

VAT Included