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The DOD Boneshaker Distortion is here to unleash devastating tones. Featuring a powerfully responsive 3 band parametric EQ, the Boneshaker servers up earth shaking lows, gut-punching mids and screaming highs - all the extra harmonic detail you need to thicken your sound.


And for extended range instruments with baritone scale lengths or extra strings, there's even better news! The Boneshaker is equipped with Black Arts designed circuitry specifically tuned for those wider frequencies, so you can revel in the massive, pounding sounds no matter what guitar is in your hands. And with a super robust aluminium chassis and true bypass switching, you can count on the Boneshaker to deliver a reliable performance night after night.

The Boneshaker is the ultimate Distortion pedal for delivering a massive gain, and is capable of some really aggressive but controllable low to mid-gain tones ideal for metal, hard rock, alternative and other styles that demand low-end power. It features true bypass which allows your guitar tone to remain pristine even when it is off. When used with a bass guitar, the Boneshaker offers a growling bass, tight distortion and scooped mids, perfect for grunge style music and more.

Equipped with a versatile three-band parametric EQ, the Boneshaker stands out from all other stompboxes. Each EQ stage can be overdriven, offering you ultimate tone shaping options at the turn of a dial. Simply input a frequency and then turn the level control knob to distort it. You can then use the early travel of the Gain control to fine tune the overall distortion.

  • Switching: True Bypass
  • Dimensions:4.68” x 2.63”x 2.25” (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs. / 0.453 kgs.
  • Input:(1) ¼” Instrument
  • Output:(1) ¼” Instrument
  • Chassis:All Metal

DOD Boneshaker Distortion

VAT Included
Expected 17th February