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The Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Acoustic Amp comes from a long line of Fly 3 Mini Amps. There's a reason why they just keep on coming back. So, expect that same immaculate Fly 3 tone you know and love, and that same compact, easy-portable size you desire - now available for your acoustic instrument.


That's right. As long as your acoustic, ukulele, even your mandolin is loaded with a pickup, this Fly 3 Mini Acoustic Amp is certain to step your performance up a notch or two. Bringing a shedload of tonal flavour that belies its cute size while offering much needed bass and treble shaping with an echo effect for playing around with too. Turn heads while busking, use it as a personal monitor or simply capture the sonic magic of your performance via the 3.5 mm Line Out, the main thing is, you're going to be heard with the Fly 3.

  • For Use With: Acoustic Instruments w/ Pickup - Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Electric Violin
  • Power: 3W - Expandable to a 6W stereo setup using Blackstar Fly Acoustic 103 (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Shape:
    • Out: Flat EQ Response
    • In Position: Mid Cut w/ a Low and High Boost
  • EQ: Bass, Treble
  • Effect: Echo
  • Speaker Emulated Output: Yes
  • MP3/Line In: Yes
  • Speaker Size: 3''
  • Batteries: 6 X AA

Blackstar Fly3 Acoustic Mini Amplifier

VAT Included