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The Trevor James 57C5 is a truley superb, high quality student clarinet, suitiable to take players to university level. Featuring silver plated keys, perfect intonation and a compact backpack style case for ease of carrying to and from lessons, rehearsals and concerts.

ABS Body 

•  Silver-plated keys 

•  Adjustable thumb rest 

•  TJ Lightweight backpack case 

•  Vandoren 1.5 reed 

•  Cork Grease 

•  Pull through

Barrel length reduced from 66mm to 64mm, bringing pitch up to comfortable 442 

•  New single piece thumb register lever with Pisoni anthracite tec-felt on the underside instead of cork, stronger and quieter 

•  Pisoni tec-felt used under keys previously using cork, quieter action and more precise venting 

•  Pisoni anthracite tec-felt used for upper bridge key and on the underside of the lower bridge, giving quiet action, durable and precise regulation and venting 

•  Stronger and curved thumb rest on lower section with additional cork cushion 

•  Curved for ease of movement and corked for more comfort 

•  Single piece Left Hand alternate F#/C# and E/B levers, with nylon post and hole connection. Stronger keys with quiet and precise linkages 

•  Lowered B/F# touchpiece height with Pisoni tec-felt beneath. Ease of reach with quiet action and more precise venting height.

Trevor James 57C5 Clarinet Bb Outfit

VAT Included