The TC Electronic PolyTune 3 is an ultra-compact polyphonic tuner, providing you with fast, precise tuning in an intelligent format. With three tuning modes consisting of Polyphonic, Chromatic, and strobe, the PolyTune 3 enables you to tune all your strings at once, or utilise extreme accuracy and speed for ultra-precise single-string tuning. On top of the exceptional tuning capabilities, the built-in all-analog buffer circuitry keeps your tone crisp and transparent. With a 1 M Ohm input, 100 Ohm output, and an extremely high signal to noise ratio, your sound is perfectly preserved through long signal chains. The 'Always On' tuning mode and switchable true bypass/buffer modes provide you with a versatile, reliable, and exceptional quality tuner.

The TC Electronic PolyTune 3 builds even further on this already impressive technology. With multiple tuning modes, including polyphonic, chromatic and strobe, and also providing a variety of altered tunings, switchable true bypass and buffer modes, and an upgraded, vibrant LED display, the PolyTune 3 is the ultimate tool for getting your instrument in tune. The built-in all-analog Bonafide Buffer circuitry keeps your tone pure through really long cables and over-complicated pedal-boards.


  • Ultra-compact polyphonic tuner
  • Fast and accurate tuning
  • Polyphonic, Chromatic, and Strobe tuning modes
  • Built-in all-analog BONAFIDE BUFFER circuitry for preservation of your tone across long signal paths
  • Lightning-fast chromatic tuning mode offers 0.5 cent accuracy
  • Ultra-precise strobe tuning mode gives you +/- 0.2 cent accuracy
  • Buffer circuitry keeps your tone crisp and transparent, with a 1 M Ohm input, 100 Ohm output, and extremely high >112dB signal to noise ratio
  • Switchable between true bypass and buffer mode
  • 'Always On' tuning mode means your PolyTune 3 is always checking your tuning, even when not muted
  • Super bright and vibrant 109 LED display
  • Ambient light detection ensures easy to read and clear readouts in all lighting conditions
  • Automatically switches between polyphonic and monophonic tuning depending on how many strings you play

TC Electronic Polytune3 Chromatic Guitar Tuner

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