The TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus is a vintage-style chorus pedal, designed with all-analogue Bucket Brigade circuitry to deliver a range of three-dimensional modulation tones.

The Afterglow Chorus is easy to use with a simple 3 knob design consisting of Rate, Mix and Depth. Rate controls the speed of the modulation, Mix controls the ratio of unaffected and affected signal while Depth controls how pronounced the effect is. With these controls you can go from 1980s chorus symphony to jangle pop to grunge, embarking on a journey through rock n' roll history in a matter of seconds.

  • Vintage-style chorus pedal
  • All-analog bucket-brigade circuit - for lush three-dimensional modulation tones
  • True bypass and top-mounted I/O
  • True Bypass
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Compact and roadworthy enclosure
  • Highly affordable - Extreme value for the money
  • Runs on 9V batteries or optional 9V PSU

TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus

VAT Included