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Evolving from the popular Metal Core Deluxe pedal, the mkII version now has 3 selectable amplifier models based on much-revered high gain valve amplifiers. Now with an additional Middle control, the 3-band EQ pairs with Gain and Master to offer a full completement of real amplifier controls, with settings stored into each of the 3 amp models for fast recall. Metal Core Deluxe mkII goes a step further to include IR cabinet simulation, meaning that it can be used directly into a full-range PA system, or without IR simulation into the front of a guitar amplifier as a hard-edged drive pedal. Whichever wiring method is used, Metal Core Deluxe mkII delivers the full breadth of metal tones for hard rock to thrash.

  • 3 distinct high gain amplifier models
  • 3-band EQ
  • Switchable IR cabinet simulation
  • Settings auto-stored for each model
  • True bypass
  • USB-C for firmware updates & future software

NUX Metal Core Deluxe MKII - Distortion

VAT Included