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The Fender Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is an evolution of Fender's fantastic Acoustasonic platform. This acoustic-electric guitar offers a unique voice that emits an abundance of personality. Switch efficiently between electric and acoustic tones, with a designated three-way switch, allowing you to shape the guitar's sound to fit your performance. Designed with a mahogany body, the guitar produces a rich, warm, full-bodied tone, with a delicate yet distinct character. A rosewood fretboard fronts a mahogany modern 'Deep C' neck, giving the guitar a silky-smooth performance, whilst guaranteeing a fast and precise playing experience.

The Acoustasonic Player Telecaster offers complete tonal control allowing you to really shape your sound. The guitar comes equipped with two pickups, an Under-Saddle Piezo is used for the classic acoustic tone, while am N4 Magnetic pickup captures a more electric sound, delivering a delightful clean tone with no interruptions thanks to Fender’s noiseless pickup design. The pickups come partnered with a three-way switch, allowing you to select which tone you want to be the more dominant voice. If that isn’t enough, you can always combine the two signals with the “Blend” knob, really allowing you to perfect your sound. If you wish, you don’t have to plug in at all, Fender have designed the Acoustasonic to project its natural sound so you can use it for those unplugged sessions.

Sculpted with a mahogany body, the guitar holds fantastic resonance and emits a warm tone that boasts a distinct character. Mahogany doesn’t just produce a fantastic tone, it is also an extremely durable wood, which is why it is often attractive for a lot of guitarists. The body is topped with solid sitka spruce which delivers a crisp final touch across all frequencies. A rosewood fretboard provides you with a crisp, articulate tone and a silky-smooth playing surface, allowing you t