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Shape your tone with the touch of a button. The Electro Harmonix Tone Corset delivers organic compression and sustain from an all analog design. Just plug in, play, and discover precise control of your dynamics. Everything is possible from the four-knob interface.

From extreme control to subtle enhancements. The Tone Corset is built for every playing style. Enjoy clean signal integrity from a True Bypass design and reduce distortion with the onboard pad switch. All this and more from a pedal that fits on any sized board.

Ready for the road. The Tone Corset is resistant to scratches, scrapes, knocks, and drops. Throw in your bag and never worry about damages. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, get to work straight out of the box with the included 9V battery. All you have to do is bring your talent.

  • Organic feel and excellent control from all analog circuitry
  • Simple yet precise control from a four-knob design
  • Change the amount of compression applied to your guitar signal with the Sustain control
  • Adjust how quickly the compressor recovers with the Attack control
  • Easily mix dry and wet signals with the Blend knob
  • Control your overall output with the sensitive Volume knob
  • Prevent distortion from high output instruments with the Pad switch
  • Maximum signal path integrity from a true bypass design
  • Comes gig ready with a free 9V battery
  • Small and mighty design, perfect for any sized pedal board
  • Built for the road with a robust metal construction

Electro Harmonix Tone Corset Analog Compressor

VAT Included
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