The Electro Harmonix Ripped Speaker Fuzz offers thick saturated fuzz with an innovatory control layout for truly versatile tones. Combining modern design with old-school fuzz, this pedal offers uniquely retro tones reminiscent of the iconic early fuzz pedals - think razorblade to speaker cone.

Simple to dial-in but with deep versatility thanks to revolutionary controls, obtain a range of tones from warm, smooth saturation all the way through to snarled, thick, gritty fuzz. If you've been seeking a fuzz that's richer and smoother than the rest, this may be exactly what you're looking for.

  • From smooth saturation to a thick growl with this versatile fuzz
  • Innovative RIP control allows you to tailor clipping level
  • Unlock tilt-shift type EQ with the active Tone control
  • True bypass design maintains optimal signal integrity

Electro Harmonix Ripped Speaker, Fuzz

VAT Included