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The Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion pedal is a highly responsive stompbox that's perfect for adding in growling distortions without sacrificing any articulation. It'll make your leads scream with a satisfying high-end squeal, and your chords rumble with an explosive potency thanks to its low and high tone controls, wide range of gain options, and choice of 9v or 18v operation.

In addition, you'll enjoy a natural tube amp style responsiveness thanks to the Mosfet circuitry, which clips at a gradual rate when overdriven to give you that touch-sensitive feel and breakup. Complete with True Bypass switching to keep your signal pristine and a robust metal chassis to keep you rocking for years to come, the Gunslinger is ready to shoot out salvos of saturation.

The Gunslinger's Level and Drive knobs control the overall volume of the pedal and the amount of distortion. High output enables it to push a tube amp over the edge for raw, high-powered overdrive sound and deliver a massive volume boost for high-velocity solos. Even at its highest gain settings, the Gunslinger maintains its touch sensitivity and separation between notes. The pedal's Low and High controls enable you to adjust the amount of bass and treble to achieve the perfect tonal balance with any guitar, amp and rig.

The Gunslinger offers a choice of 9 to 18 volt operation, which lets the player choose between normal operation and running the pedal with more headroom for a less compressed, tighter and more open tone. The DOD Gunslinger offers true bypass operation to keep the instrument's tone pristine when the effect is disengaged. Its brushed-metal housing looks as tough as the pedal sounds.

  • Bypass: True Bypass
  • Effect Type: Distortion
  • Circuitry: Analogue
  • Audio: Mono
  • Power: 9v or 18v power supply compatible (Power supply not included)

DOD Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion

VAT Included