Traveling in the wake of a trend that has now infected a wide range of guitarists in search of comfortable and good quality instruments to take with them in every situation, Crafter proposes a series of acoustics with an explicit name and interesting features.

The very short scale ( 590 mm ), the shape and size of the case, the comfortable arm-rest on the top edge of the top, the open Grover chromed mechanics, the mahogany-shaped butterfly-shaped position marker on the keyboard and satin finish.

The soundboard is in solid Engelmann spruce and the back and sides are a light walnut to produce and rich tone without sacrifcing the bass.
The rosette of guitars with spruce top is made with the same wood as the body and the amplification system is for all the S-1 Preamp with Platform pickup and controls inside the hole.


Crafter MINO Series, Walnut Back & Sides, Mini Travel Electro Acoustic

VAT Included
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