Delightfully dynamic. The Cort G290 FAT guitar is a real workhorse. Offering tonnes of playability mixed with a sharp, superb sound, it is capable of creating a wide range of music. A lightweight swamp ash body makes it incredibly comfortable to play - and liberates your stage performances. Powerful VTH-77 humbuckers bring home a hard hitting, high output sound which will have your riffs jumping out from your amp. And the sleek birdseye neck and fingerboard make it easy for you to master your playing. Just holding this instrument will fill you with inspiration.

Raring to go. Each of the Voiced Tone VTH-77 humbuckers loaded into this guitar holds a wealth of tonal secrets ready for you to discover. With each offering a high level of output, you can be sure that your riffs will be heard. The bridge pickup is tight and punchy, with a voicing that will push each note you play to perfection. It's crunchy, detailed, and bold. Then there's the neck pickup, which is smooth and fluid – perfect for those screaming solos or chunky chords. With these two pickups, you'll be able to evolve and expand your licks - no matter what genre you’re into.

Smooth as silk. With a neck and fingerboard made from quality birdseye maple, this guitar offers a world of opportunities and a pristine playing experience. Your hand will feel like its gliding when you're sliding down the back of the neck, so you'll feel free to express yourself on this finely crafted tool. And the fretboard is equally as smooth, offering you total flexibility with your fretting. The maple wood itself is bright and punchy, placing extra emphasis on the midrange of your notes. They'll sound bigger than ever before.

Like vibrato? Then you'll love the Cort CFA-III tremolo bridge, which allows you to use the whammy bar with freedom. You'll be bending notes up to the stratosphere or down to the depths in no time. And, along with Cort staggered locking machineheads, it also boosts your tuning stability massively. Your music is sure to be sharper than it's ever been when you discover just how capable this guitar is. It's also exceptionally nice to look at with a beautiful flamed maple top.
BodyConstruction: Bolt-On

Body: Flamed Maple Top on Swamp Ash Body

Neck and Fingerboard

Neck: Birdseye Maple

Fretboard: Birdseye Maple

Frets: 22

Scale: 648mm (25.5")

Hardware and Electronics

Tuners: Cort® Staggered Locking Machineheads

Bridge: Cort® Cfa-Iii Tremolo

Pickups: Voiced Tone Vth-77 Set

Electronics: 1 Volume & 1 Tone, 5 Way Switch

Hardware: Chrome

Cort G290 FAT, Antique Violin Sunburst

VAT Included