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The Carlsbro CSD100 7-Piece Electronic drum kit comprises of the Commander 100 sound module, 4 drum pads, 3 cymbals including a dual zone ride cymbal and a telescopic fully height adjustable frame. The Commander 100 sound module features 10 preset drum kits, 108 percussion voices, 10 demo songs, auxiliary input and a metronome.

A natural choice to add to the increasing range of popular Carlsbro CSD kits. Perfect for Live performance or studio recording sessions. Carlsbro headphones and EDA30 – 30 Watt, EDA50 – 50 Watt, and EDA200 – 200 Watt drum amplifiers are available for this kit and all the Carlsbro CSD range.


  • 100 Sound Module
  • Digitron display
  • 108 high quality percussion voices
  • 10 preset drum kits
  • 10 demo songs
  • Aux in jack, Line output, Headphone output
  • Recording and playback facility
  • Metronome with time signature, tempo and volume adjustments
  • 7 piece Electronic Drum Kit
  • 1 snare, 3 tom, 3 cymbal (crash. ride, hi-hat)
  • Hi-hat & Bass drum pedals
  • Module with 108 voices
  • 10 drum presets, 10 demo songs
  • Headphone output, line output, MIDI output
  • Auxiliary input, recording and playback facility
  • Telescopic fully height adjustable frame

Carlsbro CSD100 Electronic Kit

VAT Included
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