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They're popular for a reason. The Astrea violin string set has been perfectly engineered to suit the needs of beginner violinists. Boasting a fantastic build quality alongside an attractive price tag, the Astrea violin string set is guaranteed to improve your tone.


If you've just purchased your first violin, you may notice the strings sound dull and lifeless. This is quite common for student instruments, hence why teachers across the globe recommend to upgrade to Astrea strings straight away. This way you know you're learning on a set of strings which have been tried and trusted for years.


Each string features a steel core which is why Astrea strings are excellent at staying in tune. This is important as it means you spend less time tuning your instrument, and more time focusing on the music. Thanks to Astrea's accessible price, you can comfortably keep a spare set of strings in your case for a quick and easy replacement.

Astrea Violin String Set - 3/4 + 4/4

VAT Included